Quick Clicks: The 3 M’s of Success

Often, organizations speak to individual employee motivation and the organizational morale that seemingly, historically, has been it’s partner.  Today, let me introduce you the third member of organizational dynamics–the true product of when motivation and morale meet:  Momentum.

Momentum within an organization indeed can come in two forms, during periods of great progress as well as great challenge.  But just like any of our favored sports teams, we understand that momentum is the true currency of the successful, growing and confident organization.  And, as a leader within your organization, it is imperative that all appropriate actions be taken to preserve and nurture that momentum so that is continues to grow in each employee, unit, division and every relationship the organization has with its customers.

Let’s illustrate it this way:

3M's of Intraorganizational Action









Note that as Morale grows throughout the organization and Motivation broadens the perspective of the individual, it is the Momentum shared by each member that becomes the commodity of successful efforts and strategies.  In each instance this commodity is then grown from a successful collaboration, the ‘wealth’ of the organization begins to gain more assets in confidence, trust, understanding and excellence.


So, as you consider the currency within your organization, candidly ask yourself:

  • Is it gaining in value?
  • How do you know?
  • How are you contributing to that growth?
  • How can you place others in new positions for success to add to that growth?


And, if you find your organization’s momentum is stalling, take an equally candid assessment of your team and determine:

  • How do I accurately assess motivation and morale in my organization?
  • How can I facilitate (NOT ‘direct’) a shift in our momentum?
  • Whom can I put into new positions for success to achieve a sustained shift?
  • How can I effectively monitor the dynamics of my team as it responds to these efforts?


Leaders will recognize opportunities for just such a scenario of momentum beginning to recede.  In turn, they will recognize subtle influences that can and do contribute to the deceleration of an organization’s energy, and will find methods that involve others as both a means to restore the growth of “momentum as currency”, and just as importantly, an opportunity to mentor developing leaders who they recognize as those ready to begin facilitating that new era of success.


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