Our Services


Strategic Planning

We at Full Count are highly-skilled in introducing new methods that can enhance and accelerate a learning organization’s growth, effectiveness and service outcomes.  Our services include policy development, training and employee capital & growth, and expanding your organization’s presence.  To accomplish this, we help tailor your vision to the strategies and metrics that the future form of success your public, private or non-profit community organization will be known by.

School Safety

In a time when our greatest expectations in a community remain focused upon preserving a safe and secure environment for our children to learn and grow, every advantage that can and should be acquired must be pursued.  Our experience and insights assists you to best identify your organization’s current tools, determine what to add and how to utilize all of these resources to maintain superior school safety and security programming that includes community partnership.  The core areas we help you pursue include:

  • Campus Security.  This includes physical (campus) security, information technologies, and personal safety practices of students, faculty and staff, and visitors.
  • Emergency Preparedness.  Identifying the many steps that need to be taken to address a thorough review of the planning, response agreements in working with local jurisdictions, school site and outside resources, dedicated supplies, and family communications management.
  • Training and Development.  We will help you identify appropriate training outlines to make sure your staff has confidence in each individual’s role to keep everyone from school board members to school site administrators ready to respond to conditions or situations of concern and preserve campus safety.

Leadership Fusion

In order to put your best foot forward professionally, it is essential to be firmly grounded mentally and physically.  Our greatest successes come when we are operating at an optimal state.  We at Full Count work with individuals and groups to assist them in learning and establishing lifestyle skills that can help each person reach a life balance that can provide the basis for quality in leadership as well as growth, and  complete transformation of lifestyle into success.