Quick Clicks: Our Emotional Garden

Earlier today, one of America’s great comedians and long-standing classic entertainers, Tom Dreesen, provided a wonderful perspective into how we choose to prepare and maintain our mindset.  This is what Tom shared to his friends and followers on Facebook:
“As some of you know I give motivational talks when I’m not doing stand up comedy. On occasion, I will post something that I hope you find Inspirational as well as informative. Here are my thoughts for today:
I picture my mind like it’s a garden. If you plant negative thoughts they are like weeds. If you plant positive thoughts they are like flowers. Every morning when you wake up pull some weeds from your garden and plant some flowers.” —  Tom Dreesen
Tom Dreesen’s message of the opportunity and responsibility to choose how we wish to establish and preserve a superior outlook on life is an excellent framework that can be implemented right now.  No need to wait for a key moment, specific date or other event to conclude…each of us can, right now, pull those weeds and plant those flowers.