Quick Clicks: “Ban the Box” Movement Could Affect Employers

Retailer Target to Remove Criminal History Question from all Applications

Posted by Chris Cornwell on  November 7, 2013

In a recent announcement, Target has decided to remove the criminal history question from applications at all of its U.S. stores. This is in response to the “ban the box” movement that has been gaining momentum across the country. So far 10 states and 50 cities have adopted some form of the measure to preclude employers from requiring criminal history information prior to an interview.

Earlier this year the state of Minnesota, where Target is based, passed legislation making it illegal for the state’s employers to ask about an applicant’s criminal history prior to an interview. Also, advocacy groups within Minnesota have applied pressure on Target to amend their hiring policies.

Statistics show the population of people with some kind of criminal record is growing. Having a hiring policy that accounts for this population is a good idea. While protecting the workplace is of the upmost priority, hiring qualified and productive employees is another. As you reconsider your hiring process, make sure your company remains compliant with all federal and local laws as well as EEOC guidelines.

Here is a link to news article on the subject:

Target to Drop Criminal Background Questions in Job Applications

Source:  For the Record newsletter by Intellicorp.